Liebe ohne Zwang ("Love without Coercion") is a project of Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V.

As an organisation, we raise awareness and empower people to recognize and take action against human trafficking through preventive measures.

We want to reach as many people as possible with the program "Love without Coercion" - especially children and young people, for whom "loverboys" represent the greatest danger. We want to protect them by informing them about the issue and helping them to changes behaviors that make them and others vulnerable to exploitation.

Shannon von Scheele


Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V.

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Anika Schönhoff

Project Coordinator
Sozial worker B.A.
Educational Contributer M.A.*  

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Stephanie Arzinger

Assistance for "Love without Coercion" 

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"'Love without Coercion' empowers young people and protects them from harmful relationships. This prevents the devastating emotional, psychological and physical consequences for minors in prostitution."

"The concept is broader than just warning against 'loverboys', which makes the concept even more impactful. Students are encouraged to question their own ideas about relationships, set their own boundaries and work on their self-confidence and self-esteem so that they can protect themselves."

Human trafficking is still highly relevant today and happens right on our doorstep. Children and young people in particular are at risk of being trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The consequences of sexual assault accompany those affected for the rest of their lives, and many remain marked by it. Only prevention can provide long-term protection and protect young people from this. "Love without Coercion" can protect young people, not only from human trafficking, but from exploitation in relationships in general. For example, we talk about setting boundaries and about consent, because real consent means sex at eye level, i.e. without power imbalances, where all participants can express a "no" at any time that will be honoured. Unfortunately, many young people don't realise this. We also make young people aware of our societal responsibility for this issue and empower them to lead a self-determined, self-confident life.
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"Human trafficking is a crime that is associated with serious human rights violations and devastating consequences for those affected. Prevention is the best protection. As a human, a woman and a mother, I see it as my responsibility to sensitise others to the dangers posed by potential perpetrators and thus play my small part in protecting the rights of children and young people more effectively."

Kerstin Schmitt

State Coordinator NRW

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Naomi Hinsen

Country Coordinator for Switzerland

Cooperation Partner GameChange
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Christina Döhring

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V.

"I'm involved in 'Love without Coercion' because I care deeply about young girls and the 'loverboy' scam destroys girls and women emotionally and physically..."

"I don't want to stand by and watch, I want to actively do something about it. I believe that education and awareness-raising as well as interactive training are a great help in protecting girls and women from falling into this particular method of forced prostitution."

"Human trafficking has many faces. There is often the impression that this only happens to others and especially not here. But young people in Europe (including in Switzerland) are particularly affected by the 'loverboy' method.

What I like about 'Love without Coercion' is the combination of information and encouragement for self-efficacy. Young people come to terms with their values, desires and boundaries. This is set against the manipulations of the 'loverboys', and young people now decide for themselves what they want. Investing in prevention simply means acting before something happens."

"I really enjoy running the workshops because I not only raise awareness of this insidious scam, but can also think about successful partnerships together with the students. My goals are also to strengthen the self-confidence of all participants and to show them where they can turn to for help if the worst comes to the worst."


Why prevention?

Why is it so important to educate about this topic? Knowing about "loverboys" is an important protective factor. Those who know about the "loverboy” tactic also become suspicious more quickly and can avoid other dangerous situations or intervene more quickly. Unfortunately, as is often the case in the field of human trafficking, there is hardly any reliable research on those affected. However, our experience shows that the number of unreported cases is very high.

Once one is in the milieu, it is also very difficult to get out. And even if one does make it out, the process of getting back to a normal life is very difficult and long.

Imagine a waterfall. People fall into the river, tumble down the waterfall and then try to survive in the raging river. Prevention starts at the top: to prevent people from ending up in the river at all. Those who are only fished out of the river at the bottom have already suffered a lot damage and rehabilitation will take a long time. That is why it is so important to work preventively.

Why is our logo a butterfly?

Butterflies go through a metamorphosis, like girls who become young women. They are about to break out of their "cocoon", take their first test flights, try things out and break away from their parents.

Butterflies are beautiful and also easy to catch. Hunters pin them and hang them up as trophies or sell them. "Loverboys" also "catch" young girls through manipulation and abuse them for their own purposes.

The two different wings symbolise the two sides the girl experiences in the "loverboy" relationship: the warm colour with the soft lines (symbolizing warmth and affection), the cold colour with the jagged lines (symbolizing harshness, deceit and manipulation). The girl has to lead a double life between the everyday façade she has to maintain and what she experiences in prostitution. 

But the butterfly also symbolizes hope. As a messenger of spring, it announces that the hard, cold time is over and a time of life is coming. This is what we wish for those affected, that they experience how they can blossom again and lead a self-determined, happy life.