General Information about the Workshop

Our extended workshop program enables teachers, educators, youth group leaders and other interested parties to raise awareness about the "loverboy" method. Young people will learn to recognize the “loverboy” method, understand the psychology behind it and how to protect themselves. By actively reflecting on what it means to be in a healthy relationship and tips to strengthen the self-confidence of the participants, the danger of becoming a victim should be reduced.

Target group

The workshop is aimed at children and young people aged 13 to 19. For younger students we recommend this short clip "Schafsunglück" ("Sheep Calamity"; only available in German).  

More Information on "Schafsunglück" ("Sheep Calamity") 

With this EU-funded video from Sheeplive (video only available in German) the strategies of "loverboys" and other perpetrators on the Internet are illuminated. The short film shows how contact and gradual alienation of other confidants can take place. It has many parallels to real-life situations. The positive aspects of the internet should also be explained at the beginning, as it harbours not only risks but also opportunities.

Introductory questions could be: Who goes online? With or without parents? What great things can you do there? Are there also dangers on the Internet?

Watch the short film from Sheeplive together with the group. Then lead a discussion round. Clarify what the people in the video stand for in the real world. Make sure that you have understood the danger the video is trying to highlight.
Possible discussion questionsWhat did the sheep in the video do? How did it put itself in danger? What do the individual characters in the film stand for? The wolf, the sheep, the shepherds, the hunter, the other sheep? What can the little sheep do to prevent something like this from happening to it again?

Further links on security on the Internet: (only available in German)



Handbook of Materials ©2013: The handbook of materials is a manual for conducting the workshop and contains detailed information on the topic of "loverboys", human trafficking and pornography, concrete suggestions for conducting the workshop, worksheets, relationship cards and much more.

Digital Materials ©2013: Includes supplementary presentation for the classroom, handbook of materials for download, concept and several example workshop schedules making use of different modules and activities.

Online-Workshop ©2020: In 2020 we developed an online version of the workshop. The 90-minute online workshop contains the same content in a shortened form tailored to the online format. Please contact us for more information.

Workshop Concept ©2013A detailed presentation of the workshop concept can be found here:

Workshop about pornography ©2020: We also offer a 90-minute workshop to educate people about pornography consumption and its possible negative consequences. If you are also interested in this, please send us a message in the box below.



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