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"Love without Coercion" - Order Material (available in German only)

In just a few steps you can request our materials, e.g. the 98-page material booklet* (5th revised edition) incl. copy templates and practical instructions on how to conduct the workshop. Copyright © [2013] [Copyright holder: Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V.], use permitted only with acknowledgement of copyright holder]. See below.

*You can also order the material booklet if you are not yet planning a specific workshop. You can see an overview of the costs >hier< (PDF in German). 

If you would like to invite a speaker to conduct a workshop, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Preview Booklet 


1. Select your materials by clicking on the images (all materials are only available in German)


Printed material booklet 

Size: 98 pages, printed with love

There are copy templates in the appendix which can be easily duplicated. Price: 40€ for material costs plus shipping costs. 


Digital material book (PDF)

Size: 98 pages, same content

You can read the PDF file with Adobe Reader, add comments and print it out.
Price: 30€.


Short version: Interactive lecture

Size: Presentation with 37 slides, technical manual

The presentation is available as a Power Point or OpenOffice Impress file. Notes on the individual slides can be found in the presentation. The interactive presentation should be used in conjunction with the material booklet.

Loverboy Masche enttarnen

Workshop info flyer: Unmasking the Loverboy Scam

Size: 6 pages, DIN A6

This flyer is for schools, youth welfare offices, aid organisations and multipliers. It briefly and concisely describes the loverboy scam and presents all the key data of our prevention programme "Love without Coercion."

Loverboy Masche enttarnen

Information flyer: Loverboy Scam - inform and help

Size: 8 pages, DIN A6

This flyer is for families, teachers, friends and others in the environment of a possible victim. It explains how to recognise those affected, how the loverboy scam works and provides practical tips on how to help.


Full Copyright notice (only available in German)

(i) The use of the material/work serves prevention and educational workshops on the subject matter contained in the work. The work deals with the so-called "loverboy method" (romeo-pimp method) of human trafficking, in which mainly young people are tricked into a love relationship with the aim of later sexually exploiting them.

(ii) Copyright © [2013] [Copyright holder: Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V.]

(iii) The work including its parts is protected by copyright. Any use is not permitted without the consent of Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V. (formerly Neztwerk gegen Menschenhandel e.V.). This applies in particular to reproductions without naming the authorship and modifications. It is also not permitted to use the material or parts of it separately or to create new, own material from it.

(iv) If "Liebe ohne Zwang" or parts thereof are used, users must indicate this as follows: "We used the prevention materials of "Liebe ohne Zwang"© [2013], a project of Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V." or "Our prevention measures are based on "Liebe ohne Zwang"© [2013], a project of Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V.".

(v) "Liebe ohne Zwang" and its materials may only be advertised if the reference is made that "Liebe ohne Zwang" is a project of Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V. Links may also be made to the website www.liebe-ohne-zwang.de and www.netzwerkgm.de 
For print media, prior written permission must be given by the copyright holder.

(vi) Any infringement may be prosecuted with civil claims for injunctive relief, information, accounting and damages (§§ 97, 101 UrhG, §§ 259 ff., 249 ff. BGB) and as a criminal offence or an administrative offence (§§ 106, 111a UrhG).